saturday 07/07/2007

I change it for hikiousasan

I'm Looking for Elya... pm me with prices...


Sigmund Cr against 2x Kerozinn, 2x Seldnor, 1x Elya & 1x Ashigaru

Note, Ryan_T cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

friday 06/07/2007

Made all threads, the subject is closed

I have 2 of all of tehm so this subject is closed

The exchanges cards / credits are not authorized on the board, the closed subject

Pokemon sucks buy my jackie faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiley

thursday 05/07/2007

Yes I am looking for A Award, any level, I am looking to pay less then the market so let me know how much you want for one, I also have most of the Freaks and I might trade some so let me know if you want any Freaks.

wednesday 04/07/2007

Lol Baron. Like anyone would think that's a fair trade

I'll give you 182 clintz for Chad Bread

tuesday 03/07/2007

Lol my bad, i wanted at level 1smiley but already got it, can close this

good games

Looks like you still need the cards i need toosmiley i guess we're in the same boat, though i assume you probably have more clintz than myselfsmiley too bad the prices are always ridiculously high for these cards smiley

Good luck, Scarlet, and Manon look like great characters... wish i had em.

750 for titus lvl 1 thats almost 1/2 price, wut do ya say?

Tnx for the cards iceking.. smiley

monday 02/07/2007

I have a Rubie... and I totally need a Graksmxxt ou a VIckye... any other cards do not interest me.... what do you had to offer??

i do not sell it.. only trade

sunday 01/07/2007

I want a don for 1500,if some one could sell to me ,pm me please!

I dont no if u no this but u can actualy update ur other postsmiley

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