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saturday 22/12/2007

smileyi think this thread is already dead for the author

I am no longer buying dieter-

Ill trade you 3 rares for it

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Offer your prices..if you want we can trade..i will ask a mod to do this..smiley

Hi I'm looking to buy Kenny, I would like to buy cheap if anyone will sell cheap or swop for a card that you want

How much 4 methane or erika

I want soleils on aldebaran cr and ndololo cr, both lvl max. Dont bother to post offers that include non-soleils, or any offer below at least the cards market price. I would prefer offer on both rather than on one, but only if its a good deal. The cards that will get my preference: elya cr, tessa cr, splata cr, miss twice cr, swidz cr, kerozinn cr and nahi cr. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

For any card other than nobrocybix globumm halley and bobjoby

First of all, the card's name is Dr Saw.
second of all,why don't you look in the market if you can buy it at level 1?

Sorry, i meant to say CLINTS...

Then how about maxxed Jackie?

Nvm..i changed my mind, mod plz lock this.

friday 21/12/2007

PATRICK-PGGG is leading if in 40min no one will out bid you .. this Auction Will be CLOSSE !!!

Watch the market or wat will you pay

I will I've messaged you

150 and we have a deal

Since their all gone mabey i can ofer 400 for Emma

How much for any of them how much for swidz, how much for vicki, how much for kiki (and i wont trade a kerozinn cr cuz i bought her for 20,000 at lv 3 which is wat she starts at)


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