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friday 23/03/2018

330k for Kolos Cr 0exp
send to my private sales.
(I only need one)

I Want to sell 3 Vickie Cr (Full) for 3M700K/Each,
For faster reply,PM.

I am looking for a Shawoman Cr, does not matter what the XP is. I can trade clintz, Crs, and expensive regular cards for her, PM me if you are willing to part with her, hopefully we can strike a deal somewhere.

500 Sando 0xp 26k/t dissociable par 50/100
50 Shinobi 0xp 175k/t
20 El Parasito 0xp 15k5/t
10 Zaria 0xp 50k/t
8 Petra 0xp 32k/t

thursday 22/03/2018

Hey guys I need 5 # Newell in exchange for my 0 exp # Spyke MT. Pm me

Trading my Beltran Cr full 950k for Zaveli any xp 420k+500k

I exchange my letters:

Nemo mt full x 2 (3.8M/t)
Serafina 0xp x 18 (630k/t)
Behemoth 0xp x 2 = (730k/t)

l m looking:

Kiki cr 20M = 2 Nemos MT full (7.6M) + 18 serafinas 0xp (11M 350k) + Behemoth 0xp (735k) + 300k = 20M

Dj korr cr 21M = 2Nemos MT full (7.6M) + 18 Serafinas 0xp ( 11M 350k) + 2 behemoth 0xp ( 1.47M) + 600k = 21M

The players that you are interested send me a private message smiley

I value Ymirah Cr full xp 2.1 m.

I want:
- Clintz
- +200k crs
- Rare cards (like around 150-200k)

You can directly buy Ymirah Cr from my profile for 2.1 m


18 #pericles 0xp left

wednesday 21/03/2018

Stay Only 2 #Lyse Teria Cr, 3 Trade done smiley

Hello everybody
I buy your Bakko 0xp and Callie 0xp

Bakko 0xp :
1-9 exemplar : 13k/head
9-50 exemplar :14k/head
50 and more : 15k/head

Callie 0xp :
1-9 exemplar : 30k/head
9-50 exemplar : 32k/head
50 and more : 34k/head

I got in exchange :
Ombre Cr full : 1M600k
Pr Cushing Cr 0xp : 800k
Dragomir 0xp : 280k
2 Ramath 0xp :110k/head

Thank you for reading smiley

I'm buying Kiki Cr for less than market price. Send in best offer.

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