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friday 21/12/2018

Straight swap for my captain rescue 0xp for you're surstorming any level

thursday 20/12/2018

I'm ok, pm me when you're ready

Looking to sell a few cards, as near to market price as possible (although i will haggle)


Nemo Mt x1 full

Elya Cr 0 xp

Crook x 2 0xp

Crook x 1 Full

Mana Cercei x 1 0 xp

Mona Cr x1 0xp

Kinichaw Cr x1 Full

Quetzal Cr x 1 Full

Noctezuma Cr x 1 Full

Ymirah Cr x 1 Full

Kolos Cr x 1 Full

Pr Cushing Cr x 1 Full

Zatman Cr x 1 Full

PM me offers please smiley

Can also offer #Charlie and Ursula

I am also accepting Behemoth in place of Maana Cercei (any xp)

wednesday 19/12/2018

Title is clear enough, I guess
Clintz are the priority, or even Crs or rares with the same price.
Send me PM to make it easier.
Thank you

Back in the day commons were 60 clintz and u got a sweet deal when i got one for 50 good ol days

Did the developers overlook this? Pls kindly look into this, thanks smiley

Mclain 0 xp for 2 dorian?

tuesday 18/12/2018

Price = 4,1M of clintz.

Good morning/night players.

I will buy them for 800 clintz each they must be level 1 need it for missions max 100.

Last up and i ll close the topic today

monday 17/12/2018

I am looking to buy 18 Pr Hartnell 0xp for 11500 each. Please leave him in my PS.
Thank you smiley

I also want to trade my
Crook and No Love to their full version + ?

sunday 16/12/2018

Hey all,

As the title suggests I am looking for No Love any xp.

I am willing to trade 2x Crook 0xp OR 35x Noodile Cr 0xp. Can add clintz to the mix for fewer cards if that's what you'd prefer. Can always go with some other cards if you like as well as long as I have them!

Pm if you're interested smiley

Cheers, Doc.

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