tuesday 14/11/2017

The valutation of cards change aggording to market; for example vickie cr now is valued 2.9M and is my valutation too


My price is below the market, take this chance!

100 Mokra 0 xp - 100k/head
100 Gascaro 0 xp - 8.5/head
50 Impera Sloane 0 xp - 135k/head
20 Noctezuma Cr 0 xp - 270k/head
10 Rowdy Cr 0 xp - 250k/head
10 Dragomir 0 xp - 165k/head
5 Zatman Cr 0 xp - 250k/head
5 Edd Cr full xp - 260k/head

Only looking for cash. Nothing else.

Paying 37k per 0 exp Oriold

I have Butcher Braxton full xp #kerozinn cr full xp Ymirah Cr full or 0xp Tanaereva Cr full xp Jackie Cr full xp Kenny Mt 0xp Caelus Cr full xp Kalindra Cr full xp and 2.5 mil clintz

Any combination of cards or clintz above for Cannibal Jo Cr i value everything at current market price pm me for quick response

As the title said, I offer Ymirah CR + Ratanah MT for Elya CR.

PM me for quick response, thanks.

monday 13/11/2017

Simple 1 for 1 trade, no extra clintz on any side.

I give my Armanda Cr (6m) 0xp or full xp,

for a Cannibal Jo Cr (5m) 0xp or full xp + cards
or clintz with value about 600k.

11 copies not 100, so np smiley

Now only looking for Elya CR, offer is negotiable.

30 0xp Cortez - 140k each
Accept other cards
Have a great day!

Market value Pm any offers

Sorry to ask for more info after you have been asked.

So currently, you have Kerozinn Cr full XP and you want Xantiax Robb Cr + compliment

Just some additional info you might need.
What price do you estimate your full XP Kerozinn Cr
What price do you estimate Xantiax Robb Cr to be in and what XP do you want him in.
How much in Clintz/Cards is your expected compliment.

*Note if you suggest cards, you must provide the estimated market value and XP of the cards accepted for as a compliment for Xantiax Robb Cr.

Thank you.

Since im trying to sell her as fast as possible i now value her 4,150,000 and will be accepting Cr Cards some come with your offers have a great day!

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