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sunday 03/12/2017

[BUY] Lyse or Guru cr for 16m cash
Pm me for faster response
Don’t care what xp

People don't bid price is too damn high this guy is crazy!!!!

For auction I have #omber Cr 0xp.
Here are the rules:
-End time: 6:30:59 GMT+1
-starting price 2.5m
- I value a card lowest valued of all xp in the market!!!
- quantity of a card is restricted to 2!!!
-You have to bid at least 20k more than the current top bid.
- I am looking for :-
Cr any xp( valued lowest of all xp)

Let the auction begin!

Sorry, I propose my eyrton full + bunny 0xp vs eyrton 0xp or

My eyrton full + rocket 0xp vs eyrton 0xp

Offer is closed thanks.

No. You need to name the cards that you want prices for each. Otherwise stick to the public market. If you want suggestions do it in general forum, you can not combine a purchase thread with a suggestion one..

Thread closed.

edited by Infiniti sunday 03/12/2017, 15:09

I buy one Langren for 5k

3.5 m nono

Hmm strange!!!
But follow the rules!!!
People here damn serious about the rules!!!

Deal is done here!!!

I can give you one for 87500!!!

Thanks to Santa Pika. Wish there were more nice guys like him..and me.smiley

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