saturday 12/05/2007

I have a lvl 3 sakura I am selling for 1000 clintz

I am of good mood and I puts it on sale to you privatesmiley

Already get one, closedsmiley

Add it to my private sales if ur selling and send me a message.thank

friday 11/05/2007

Buying boris at 10000 clitz

Ei hus gonna sell me dis cards :
kinjo,lost hog, sai san, xia leming

I have 1200 now... Anyone? PLZZZZZ...

Lookin for a cheap cheap cheap dirt cheap yookie, if you got him i want him. send me a message thanks

thursday 10/05/2007

logo UR 8 messages

Thank you does not hesitate during the days or you will have the clintz smiley

smileyi will sell her to u rite now

Ill buy your dragan 50k if you still selling put in my private sales

Have got

wednesday 09/05/2007

I have 2000 Clintz... What can you offer?

Hey am intrested in jackie

Do youu have any cards to trade?

Yeah except she is nekid on level 1 smiley

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