friday 09/02/2007

I will also buy beserkgirl for 4500

Sale berserkgirl for 1 000 000

Han kan jag skaffa på noll tid smiley

Ill sell striker maxed for 2200 on market now

Still looking for Graksmxxt.
Selling Rosa maxed out for 6300 clintz.

Well Pudinzinho, you can't sell....

thursday 08/02/2007

I'll buy dwain fully evolved for 1000clintz
and for macumba 8000clintz also fully evolved
thx (n_n) write me a message, ill be waiting

smiley k ... smiley.. .. smiley ...then any donors are greatly appreciated smiley

wednesday 07/02/2007

Still looking for SkrumxxT for cheap!

tuesday 06/02/2007

I got all maxed out


Oh man too much ive got only 570 clintzsmiley

Ok itll take a while so please keep it up there thank you thankyou thankyou

monday 05/02/2007

You might get no nam but non others

Ok thanks you.nvm i got saddy smiley

How about Jim for 800?

sunday 04/02/2007

Harv no way is anyone gonna say yes cause then there thick

Yes do it

If u need i have a maxed ashiagaru and a maxed timber and maxed brigetsmiley

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