tuesday 16/06/2009

Join my guild we are always looking for new members.

Close this one please

Hello Urban Rivals community. We, the Dark Law Guild are accepting and looking for people to join us.

We have no level ristrictions, so everybody of every skill is welcome.

We have no country/nation/continent restriction; every body who is everybody is welcome to our guild.

We are always willing to have fun and help and give advice. We want guild members to feel relaxed, welcomed, and to have a great time in our guild.

I personally, tending to be a funny, helpful, respectful, and talkative guy, am/beggining to start many fun and interesting things/topics on our message board. Because we all know we have a talkative side. >.> lol.

Once agian, everybody of every skill and etc. is glady welcomed to our guild and we will graciously accept you smiley!!

I hope you consider looking at our guild and sending us an application very soon.

You can access the Dark Law Guild by going to this fabulous web address link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=579947

We hope to see you soon fellow UR players!!

~Shadow Law [Guild Leader]
~Balmung_Azure [Guild Admin]
~hellboy2118 [Guild Admin]

monday 15/06/2009

New active contests and events, come check it out!!!smiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=369154

^ that was an even worse thing to do than what I just did

Thx guys for adding comments!smiley
Either of u signed up yet?smiley lol

Guild:578482 is for you

Join guild:588998 40+

sunday 14/06/2009

Good luck with the guild my friend. smiley

Nice to meet you too smiley

saturday 13/06/2009

Close message board MODS

Welcome.. Have fun.. xox at you back.. lol

It's that time again!

White Lightning is recruiting!
What does that mean to you?
Well if you are looking for a guild family to call your own, it can mean the whole (UR) world of differance!

In addition, if you join our community starting from today and up until the end of this month (6/30th) you can qualify for our Summer Card Extravaganza! smiley
So what makes this giveaway so different from the others we've hosted?
Asside from having 1 drawing to give away 1 card, for every 6 new members, there will be an additional card given away!
1-5 members = 1 drawing. 6-11 = 2 drawings and so forth.
Check out our post on the MSG board for the details.
So, for those of you who feel you don't ever have a fair chance to win something, and that the odds are just too unrealistic, now's the time you can change your luck starting with White Lightning! smiley

As always, we only ask a few standards from applicants:
Min lvl 13.
Use English on the MSG Board, please.
A fair player rating of at the least 93% -Or a max of 7% expired battles.
Stay active!
Like any other time, feel free to PM me any questions.

Ok, that didnt take long lol Sorry but until further notice we will not be accepting new members.
Once a few spots open up I will let everyone know. I appreciate your interest in XK and will continue to make it a better and even more fun guild.

friday 12/06/2009

Im willing to join, im jsut a little nublet though, but im learning quickly!

thursday 11/06/2009

My guild The one's is recruiting....
JUst read bio and if you like and have enof lvl you can join...

We will be very happy if you joins Fair Tigers .

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