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sunday 10/12/2017

I sell 500 Azel 0xp for 16k each too smiley

For the moment, i want only #Charlie (185k).

I have to trade :

Guru Cr full 19m
6 Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp 2m7/t
30 Oriold 0xp 55k/t
50 Cletus 0xp 19k/t
50 Pedro 0xp 16k/t
46 Zaria ( 32 full + 14 semi evo) 38k/t
24 Mango 0xp 10k/t

i need :
Judge Lynch 0xp 230k/t max 12
Behemoth 0xp 650k/t
Goure 0xp 55k/t max 11
ARN 2000 0xp 31k/t max 20

I have put it on the market too...but I want some immediate cash

Ok, vp

Buy/Compro Maana Cercei for / por 500k PM.

Selling Noctezuma full xp for 280k, pm if interested

Looking for Caelus Cr (700k) and Marco Cr (270k) for my Thaumaturge Cr (950k)

Value all at lowest market value

13 Toro Cr full 135k/u .

(Pm for trades). smiley


My can joe 0xp (6m) + 2.2m clintz for Manon mt 0xp. Similar offer for Scarlett.

Thank you,

Lmao removes my comment because its not on topic but leaves the other off topic ones because it doesn't point out his mistake,. We all make mistakes but when you pull stuff like this it shows that you really aren't fit for your position


My 20 #Quetzal 0xp which I value at @800k each.

I look for
Jackie Cr 0xp (1m)
Butcher Braxton 0xp (1m)
Newell 0xp (320k)
Other offers by pm

I have:

Toro Cr 0xp (160k)
Spyke Cr 0xp (160k)
Zatman Cr 0xp (225k)
Kolos Cr 0xp (260k)
Striker Cr 0xp (150k)
Emeth Cr 0xp (855k)
Lizbeth Cr 0xp (410k)
Copper Cr 0xp (330k)
Sigma Cr 0xp (160k)
Ongh Cr 0xp (205k)
Gil Cr 0xp (300k)
Dr Copernica Cr 0xp (310k)
Drakorah Cr 0xp (140k)
Greem Cr 0xp (70k)
Hawkins Cr 0xp (205k)
Lost Hog Cr 0xp (75k)
Shaakarti Cr 0xp (175k)
Slyde Cr 0xp (65k)


Tessa Cr full (2.7m)

Mojita is 3.9k 0xp on market :/

saturday 09/12/2017

Drop me a PM if you are interested that way ill reply asap!

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