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tuesday 20/03/2018

Both sold! Thanks guys smiley

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Trading for Serafina full as well now.

It's really nice of you Claire smiley

Looking for Smokey Mt 0 xp (1.7M)

monday 19/03/2018

Tks, but not looking for this cards.smiley

1 copper 0xp 620k
30 Diana 0xp 40k/t
10 Pericles 0xp 200k/t
100 Argos 0xp 5k/t
58 Greendy 0xp 16k/t
104 Lindsey 0xp 15k/t
70 Boomer 0xp 1300k/t
214 Bose 0xp 1600k/t
40 Flanagan 0xp 4k/t
58 Boomstock 0xp 3100k/t
72 Suzie 0xp 4k/t

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Just got it.
The thanks are not for your useless comment .

(Advice : live and let live) . I wish you have a nice day smiley

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...aaand got the last one. Thank you everyone smiley

Oh that sucks, im missing 3 ghost town, and quite a few riots

Sum Sam Cr|4 = 5,1M/T
Elya Cr|2 = 3,6M/T
Lao Cr|2|3|4 = 4,5M/T
#Sigmund Cr|4 = 4,3M/T
DJ Korr Cr|4 = 18,6M/T
#General Cr|2|3|4 = 15,6M/T
#Lyse Teria Cr|2|3 = 18,6M/T
Ombre Cr|3 = 2,1M/T
Manon Mt|2 = 14,1M/T
Alec Mt|3 = 3,9M/T
Kiki Cr|3|4|5 = 18,6M/T
Guru Cr|2|3|4 = 18,6M/T
#Dragan Cr|2|3 = 3,8M/T

Do you still have it?


Looking for these cards:
1 Smokey Mt 0xp 1.6m
1 Rage 0 xp 500k
1 Rowdy Cr 0 xp 200k

Up butchers still avilabel

sunday 18/03/2018

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Vortex cards 0 exp
pm me smiley

Lamar & Tessa have been acquired, and there's a vickie in my guild bank, so i'll close the thread.
there's still an NDololo if anyone wants him, PM me any offer smiley

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