thursday 03/05/2007

smileythe name's angry i thinkthat a pretty good offer when u get this message email angry then i will sell them what ur name so when u email me i sell them tu u bye .smiley

Im sorru i do not have enough clintz to offer you at the moment

smiley Sorry but Ican't sell... Can I buy it instead?

I have him but i can't sell it because i havent bought and credits

I will buy any cheap lvl 1 characters, I do not care who it is.

Or I will accept a Charlie. Level 3 or higher plzsmileysmiley

I know but im hoping that someone with a spare Morphun will trade mesmiley

wednesday 02/05/2007

Lol at least 8000

Have ambros jim hugo morpuhn dwain for trade

One more update:

Brandon (max)
Bunny (max)
Kawan (max)
No Nam (level 4)
Aldo (max)
Mort Bax (level 3, close to 4th)
Noon Steevens (max)
Tania (max)
Wee Lee (close to max)

I really want that Morphun card smiley

Plz close topid, marina is allready sold and i have all the cards allready

I need ppl 4 my guild

Cool, how can we trade?

Yes sure

Wanda Max Level, Geistling Max Lvl, Natrang max level, Diego max lvl, Flyer max lvl, and Globumm Max Lvl

Leave offers or pm me if u want to do any training or buyin

tuesday 01/05/2007

Ahh, but he wasn't at the time!
This trade is done and dusted.

This is no lobnger an accurate post. I have sold Morphun and received an Ashiagru.smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I wont be giving any offers. just waiting for u to leave ur price =)


How much??? PM me, also accept trading. State what card do u need!!!

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