saturday 06/06/2009

join Lu Bu we are a fun and active guild
who rely on eachother

He already found a guild close please

He already found a guild close please

He already found a guild close thissmiley

friday 05/06/2009

We got 5 members were all active join now!

Close this...
We got 20 members and it should be fine.


Cmon I need more people then 4 lol please join
our Elo is already goodsmiley

Guild:555851 is currently looking for all international players level 20 and up who can speak english or at least understand it
if youre a member of any of the academies out there you are welcome to join
we have weekly ELO admin tournaments and a guild market
if interested apply today

We are recruiting so if your looking for a great guild
and you are level 30 and up you can join but if you are under level 30 and you join U have a sertent period of time to level up to level 30.
If there are any more Questions you may ask these people

thursday 04/06/2009

I'll join

Come join lol bored

wednesday 03/06/2009

Subject closed please

Please close this i quit my guild

In this guild you can talk about any mangas you like. The newest charpter or rumours and spoiler on the next charpter. Just join and have the time of your life.

I am lvl 18 and looking for position of administrator can i join

tuesday 02/06/2009

He has a guild

Thanks, links added.

We have ourselves a first member, but the next few will have consolation prizes... smiley

Sorry forgot link

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