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wednesday 02/05/2018

My offer includes Dounia Mt.

Time on post was 14:18 ended 14:55 37 min auction tiwi won

Hey guys im selling 25 Nexus 0xp 94K/each.
I won't split the lot.
Thank you

tuesday 01/05/2018

Hi, im Traiding Ymirah Cr full + clintz for Tanaereva Cr 0 xp. PM ME.

I have only 5 left and can sell them for 180k each

monday 30/04/2018


im buying McLayton for 16k each.

Send to my PS.

Thanks, Blayn

Looking for :-
Cassio Cr any xp

I can only offer 700k.

Also berserkgirl to 4m ty!

Open to discussion for Orka

Selling 1 x Guru 0XP for 18.5mm. Non negotiable, no swaps, looking for Clintz only please.

First come first served! Thanks

sunday 29/04/2018

I'm not looking for Gus Rope, Pr Vronkxxt and Hermosa anymore!
I still need:
- 5 Burton 0 xp 18k each (90k total)

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