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friday 01/12/2017

Card sent!!! Check vp!!!

If you want behemoth for marshall without clintz

700 k for 8 surstroming?

Next auction in short period of time!!!!

20 Pandora 0 EXP ( 1.3 M )
10 Rolph ( 350.000 )

Accepting CRs , Rare cards at market price, clintz.


I only want cash.


Jim Cr ( 1 copy full xp) for auction starting at 50 Clintz ending time is 30 min 59 sec from post time!!!!

I will value cards around the lowest on the market and reserve the right to limit the quantity I can accept of each card.

I accept:
Rare above 700k!!!

Good luck Bro . sry i dont have mt x)

He search dakota for his marshall

I'm flexible on the cards you offer smiley

They are usually mid to late December

Didnt see your post right away, sorry!

Jackey + Jim for kerozine!!!

Anyone willing to sell me 2 #judgelynch any exp for 210.000/head. I can also buy and cards cheaper than market. thankyou!

Please give me your prices and send me VP

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