sunday 11/06/2017


I'm offering 1.4m clintz as well as 3 copies of 0xp Quetzal in exchange for Marlysa Cr.
Hit me with a phat in game message if you're interested

I have 2.1 million Clintz for Lao Cr

saturday 10/06/2017

9 million pure

Hi! Sell Maana Cercei 0xp for 165k. PM me

First time in 10 years....

Still looking?? anyone??

Buying Nereus 0xp for 15k each. Possible 39 times

friday 09/06/2017

Want to sell kerry for 55k lower than the marker (60k)

A Award Cr no longer available.

All your Surstorming 0xp 30k in my vp

Possibility of exchange for Playable Collectors

thursday 08/06/2017

My 201 wee lee at 25k

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