wednesday 25/10/2017

My 0xp robb cr (440k) vs your 2x kolos any xp(210k*2)

tuesday 24/10/2017

Salut à tous!

Aujourd'hui je vends certains Riots, tout 0xp!

Newell 925k
Farman 9,9k/t (x9)
Greendy 14,5k/t (x16)
Grouchy 14k/t (x12)
Lenora 30k/t (x6)
Lindsey 10k/t (x17)
Octana 15k/t (x9)
#Pericles 95k/t (x12)
Pr Balthazar 67k/t (x4)
Rockwall 18,5k/t (x5)
Agnes 4k/t (x11)
Argos 5k/t (x10)
#Boomstock 4,5k/t (x2)
De Couture 2,6k/t (x14)
Fastbender 15k/t (x6)
Grace 15k/t (x5)
Pr Hartnell 3,1k/t (xsmiley
Pr Hide 2,6k/t (x7)
Pr Priest 18,5k/t (x15)
Vera 2,8k/t (x7)
Berghart 575/t (x15)
Geo 650/t (x12)
Harmonia 650/t (x9)
Kenjy 750/t (x20)
Kenjy Noel 475/t (x22)
Marlin 725/t (x11)
Molder 725/t (x20)
Reeplay 675/t (x13)
Strygia 675/t (x20)
Violet 625/t (x11)

Bonne journée smiley

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I buy 4* cards with 0xp for 900 clintz each card.

For example: 100 Daphne, 100 Shirley, 100 Mottah, 100 I don´t know...
I don´t care which card.
The main thing is that I need 4 * cards with 0xp!

Send them to my private sales please.
Thank you and kind regards

Really desperate for 3 Dregn's at 0 Xp (paying 160k each)

Paying Emeth full Exp (400k) + 100k clintz

Give me a pm thank you

Please stay on topic, mods close.

Guru Cr 0 exp for guru cr +5m cash , you save 1 m according to the market lol

But fr ill take some Clint for a Guru Cr full

monday 23/10/2017

Ok go for quetzal 0xp !!

5 Behemoth 0xp 850k/u

Looking for:
-#Marshal full xp 260k/u
-Oda Helpah 0xp 14k/t

Please send me your offers

Any xp

Up all offers negotiatable

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