thursday 09/11/2017


his name in the thread

10 spyke sold smiley

Oh its full xp as well.

Please estimate each card and what exp each is

26 quetzal 0xp for guru cr

How many pr cushing cr 0exp do you have?

1 single copy. smiley

Got a deal done. Closed

0exp of course smiley

wednesday 08/11/2017

The Ethane are sold
the lot of Lara Hate is still available smiley

Bought already

Trading 0 xp Ambrose Cr, I value him at 980k, the trade value must match at a minimum of 950k.
I am looking for (all can be any xp):
- #Spyke Cr 150k
- Kalindra Cr 725k
- Locke 50k
- #Charlie 100k
- Rex Sweig 100k
- #Impera Sloane 100k
- Marco Cr 180k
- Pr Balthazar 50k
- Xingshu 45k

I dont want mutiple cards except for the all the cr above

Nope, i've just lara hate to trade for them, sorry smiley

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