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saturday 24/03/2018

Hey guys!
I have a great deal for you 1 Tessa Cr for a Vickie Cr both full.

If striker is 0xp...

Market price is 3m.

PM me.

We can make a deal, my dk korr cr full xp. For your dj korr 0 xp

I do not want to pay 500k clintz

Oops too late smiley

In my private sales please smiley

I sell Thaumaturge Cr 0 exp 1.4mil, I look for at least 500k in clintz, and the rest in max 1 copy any exp of the following:

-Djengo 110k
-LaFleur 70k
-Crazy Carlo 70k
-Cardigan 120k
-Stella 35k
-Tuck 25k
-Curlix 50k
-Mildred 75k
-Markus 120k
-Newell 120k
-Barden 40k
-Edd Cr 130k
-Fairbanks 200k
-Dr Elisa 100k

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Market value

friday 23/03/2018

What the hell? That thing was under 400k at the start of this week.

I close, always possible 9 times, pm if you want trade with me smiley
Sorry for my very good english smiley

I have 24 Diana 0xp for auction today
I have a reserve of 30k/head so min bid is 720k

I take cash or crs or both smiley
Auction ends 2 hours from post.

330k for Kolos Cr 0exp
send to my private sales.
(I only need one)

I Want to sell 3 Vickie Cr (Full) for 3M700K/Each,
For faster reply,PM.

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