saturday 23/09/2017

Bien sûr quand tu voit que les estime de tes cartes ont baissé c'est normal de dire que tu les as vendues smiley

Espèce la moukate aller crévé smiley

friday 22/09/2017


i sell guru cr 0 xp for 9m cash . mp if interested ,thanks

My marshal + 70 k

For your
2 X Oxp Dakota


0xp of course smiley

Mr brainwash the price will fall back in a few days so nty smiley

thursday 21/09/2017

All beltran cr gone ,

stil search marshal and maana cerci smiley

Hiya, i've got some offers for all stars i'm missing

Flo cr (9.5k) x 85 Kenjy (15.3k, 180c/t)
Aamir (55k) x 375 Kenjy (67,5k, 180c/t)
Marina (80k) x 550 Kenjy (99k, 180c/t)
Robb Cr (190k) x 25 Tuck (225k, 9k/t)

one time each..


Caelus Cr 0xp against:

Dounia Cr full XP + Shann Cr full xp
Dounia Cr full XP + Rowdy Cr full xp
Dounia Cr full XP + Shaakarti full xp
Dounia Cr full XP +Lulabee Cr full xp + Sledg Cr Full xp

I am also ready to trade it against a Lamar CR full and I will add cash of course.

Or else, as long as I do not have this CR...

Dakota +2 noctezuma cr vs schatzi

Hi i want to trade:

Guru cr 9.9m
General cr 7.5m

i'm looking for (0exp):
Maana cercei 215k/each

Thx smiley

wednesday 20/09/2017

Bonjour à tous je vends mon lot de 16 kerozinn cr 0 xp à 1m300k soit 20m800k

que du cashsmiley

tuesday 19/09/2017

traded with 0_SuperDes

Hi, i want to sell:

5 hawk 0exp -> 50k/cad
6 shakra 0exp -> 75k/cad

by ps, thx smiley

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