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monday 23/04/2018

Hello ,
I have DJ Korr Cr. Full xp
I m looking for clintz only.
21.4m is price.
Pm for fast rply.

I just thought that's how its supposed to be.Thanks for the clarification.smiley

I’ll trade for Quetzal CR 0xp?

sunday 22/04/2018

I'll consider it smileysmiley

How does the bid get past market? I guess if you’re taking cards/trades but most times you can find a seller who will do the same. Auctions only make sense to buyers who get a good deal and sellers who get over market value.

Hello I buying all #thorpah 0xp in my VP 16k/h

1350 cards I put big 5 smiley

Would trade 1 comanche for ymirah cr or 2 comanche + cash for lao cr

Open for negotiations,can add cards or cash.

saturday 21/04/2018

I want to pay 13mil + 3x comanche (full) for 1 DJ Korr Cr, doesnt matter if full exp or not.

Hi there!

I have a Heegrn Cr 0xp, and I am looking for a Heegrn Cr with full xp and some offers for the 30k clintz remaining.

Anyone interested?

I buy ronald 0 xp direct to my private sale

The ongh are full xp, which is why i'm valuing them at 320k... instead of higher.

friday 20/04/2018

Expect 55 000. smiley

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