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monday 04/12/2017

Cannibal jo cr 0 exp estime @ 6m/
Marshal 0 exp 580 k ×18 =10.44m
Quetzal 0 exp 880 k×18=15.84m
Quetzal full so 860 k×2=1.6m
Tessa cr full 2.7m
Tot =30.5m
Pot 6 cannibal jo lot disociable
Mp , merci

I value him at 5.8m
I offer 9 0 exp marshal (580 k)
1 marshal dull co (570 k)
10 k cash
I can do this offer twice

Also for cannibal jo cr 0 exp
7 quetzal 0 exp (830 k) total 5.81 m
10 k cash
I can do this offer twice


I buy Hawkins Cr 100k cash plz

Hi, I am a newer player loving the game so far smiley To the point >>>>>>>>> I want to buy Dounia Mt for 1.4M. (all i got so far and i hope its at least close to enough)

Also i want to thank all the people who helped me get here, freaking great community! )


Card sent as well smiley

Remaining 7 beeboys sold.

sunday 03/12/2017

Sending the fast jhonny now ! congrats sir

Sending the dashras now congrats sir !

Sending the icaros now congrats perku ! Gonna close the auction

I have

Raoul 0xp x5 (6k)
Khann 0xp x5 (43k)
Moai 0xp x5 (19k)
Brutus 0xp x5 (13k)
Arantxa 0xp x5 (13k)
Cindy 0xp x5 (11k)
Fastbender 0xp x5 (16k)
Phoebe full x 5 (8k)
Antoinette 0xp x3 (43k)
Hachi 0xp x2 (10k)
Floyd 0xp x2 (19k)
Karl 0xp (102k)
Miloz 0xp (29k)
Dixie 0xp (18k)
Friskah 0xp (14k)
Rad 0xp (19k)
Ginnifer 0xp (38k)
Rockwall 0xp (23k)
Spyke Cr 0xp (210k)
Devil Dog full (14k)
C Dusk 0xp (32k)
Nexus 0xp (78k)


Judge Lynch 0xp (200k)
Rage 0xp (348k)
Dr Six 0xp (33k)
Ethane 0xp (32k)
Poppy Mary 0xp (49k)
Victor Van Dort 0xp (47k)
Serafina full (365k)
Elvira 0xp (35k)
Chloe 0xp (36k)
Hefty 0xp (46k)
Hikiyousan 0xp (40k)

[BUY] Lyse or Guru cr for 16m cash
Pm me for faster response
Don’t care what xp

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