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thursday 12/07/2007

Miss twaice an vladmir for don, svelthana and venus

10000 for the three

Very good link joker use it all the time...thinks for the site memento

wednesday 11/07/2007

Willin to trade for elya

Only interested in gary on lvl 2, 3 or 4.
i can give you:
350 for Gary in lvl 2
400 for Gary in lvl 3
450 for Gary in lvl 4
Set the private sells

Unicamente interesado en gary con lvl 2, 3 o 4.
Puedo pagar:
350 por Gary en lvl 2
400 por Gary en lvl 3
450 por Gary en lvl 4
Ponganlos en mis ventas privadas.

Ecxactly what it say's up there
Lookin to buy Zdrone cheap at its first level
1200 clintz

tuesday 10/07/2007

Me my friend =)

Got it.

I have a Beltran cr and a Jim cr


I´m buying lunatik at any level for a low price or a trade.

In equal value cards I have Kiki and Tanaereva for trade!!

monday 09/07/2007

First buy credits in shop

I give it to you for 950 in max level

Trade 5 hikiyousan lev max for rass

Ill give you what you want

Lvl 25 ain't 'new' haha

IF got TITUS NANASTASIA only 2700 clintz one and EYRton 3000clintz

I need amanda cr, rubie,andzatman i will trade cards or money for it

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