wednesday 20/09/2006

I need uppers, so if anyone is selling an upper please tell me

I'm trading a maxed Ambre for a maxed Ashigaru if u have an extra, I'll pay additional clintz if need be

tuesday 19/09/2006

smiley If you enybody wan't sponsored me i be verry grateful!!!!smiley

I am selling a wee lee for 4000

Sorry you can't sell for now :s

monday 18/09/2006

I can sell you a maxed striker at 4000

The market price is already cheap for a card like this, but if you want it cheaper I suggest you wait until next monday, the price will drop because of the new characters.

Int need them no more my team is solid

Want to gain Gaia. Have this (and much more) for exchange:
Wee Lee

Ill also give a graksmmx

sunday 17/09/2006

I am willing to trade 3000 for a copper, i would really apreciate it. If you wish to make this trade just send me a rivate sale, thanks.

I have noodile, kinjo, and lost hog


Anyone selling her?

My sister has copper but she cant sell

I'll trade my Striker for Cooper. Let me know soon.

Cancel my messages about gary, no I don't have 35000 friggin clintz elderly, way overpriced by the way, lower the price if u expect to sell it!

saturday 16/09/2006

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Wait monday the price will drop at 100-150 clints on the market

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