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friday 03/08/2007

Thnks Po... I Hav 1 nA

This thread has degenerated into sillyness and spam. it will be closed.


thursday 02/08/2007

Look at how much she costs and see if there a card that you have at tht price and trade smiley

Dacha Macha



All at full level except Robin

Will also trade for Nightmare, Pussycat or Montana

Me yes how much i'm thinking of 6000 clintz cos it is at full lv

Ill buy lvl 2 tyler for 700 clintz

I buy zataman for 6000 clinzt .

Would like to buy Rosa at lvl 5 smiley not more than 1900 clintz.

Looking for lelena and gertrud

Paying 9000clitz for a Beltra any1?

wednesday 01/08/2007

Looking for them cheaper then on the market any Level. smiley

Note, grimstifler cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
Sorry buddy first purchase credits then trade a z3ro d34d

tuesday 31/07/2007

I now have them all. Thank you.

I bujing any leader 4r 1380 clintz if someone is interested please sale me private ?
But not hugo i hawe it smiley

Armand for sale ...name your price ...will sell a little lower than market price ....act fast its on the market !!!

Pls put in priv sales

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