saturday 16/09/2017

20 left now

Raining want me to help with that XD

Looking for Lots of Crs, Tourney decks, lookin for offers.

Oh right, don't forget to try and join the lotteries hosted by players here. You might be able to win a good card. Just join the events and they'll roll a number when the deadline comes. You are not actually going to have to join a battle or anything of the sort.

friday 15/09/2017

Unfortunately not. a friend of mine gave it me since he stopped playing

Trading my General for Guru, Kiki or Dj Korr

Hello wanting to trade or purchase a Dj korr cr (9m) I have to offer

Ndololo cr 0xp 1.8m
Rass Cr 0xp 1.7m
Splata Cr 0xp 1.3m
Dragan cr full xp 1.6m
Lao cr 0xp 2m
Cannibal joe 0xp 530k


Hello all i buy Mortenzen 0xp 3,3k/unit directly in my private smiley


thursday 14/09/2017

17K each I accept trades (MT, Collector, 0xp only) offer



I offer my Elya Cr 0xp estimated at 1,2M.

Looking for:
- Cash
- Fairbanks 0xp (60k/t)
- Mokra 0xp (45k/t)
- Blaine 0xp (4k/t)

Is negotiable in a mix..!

Have a good day smiley

I've 1 Jackie Cr 0xp
Looking for Ambrose Cr 0xp
Currently price of Jackie Cr 0xp in market is 560k
And the price of Ambrose Cr is 460k
Anyone who trade will be in the profit of at least 50k
Feel free to PM me
Have a nice day smiley

Dr Copernica 0xp Trade for full +5k

Lf kawamashi cr 8400/
lin bee cr 5500/

wednesday 13/09/2017

Hello i'm looking for 21 oriold 0xp 21k/unit directly in my private smiley

Hi 5 Lennard for your 3 Raam? (Each Lennard custs 38k)


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