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sunday 17/06/2007

Willing to buy uranus lower than the market price

Hey all im tryin to buy any leader (preferably timber) but all i hav is 2483 cintz ;S

if u r sellin add me as a frend and pm me

thank you

How much for pino

Sorry man, i m looking for a bargain.. its still pricey
thx any way
any other offers?

Lower than the market..

Ok i have send a response 2 the member(s) who's cards i need, if u didnt receive a message back i already have them, thanks for all the responses so far.

saturday 16/06/2007

6 messages

What do you want for Timber, for trade?

I'll trade you Diego lvl 2 and Winifred lvl 4 for 5000 or for some oder cardz from Gheist!!! About the price , we can negociate!!!

Have cassio lev max make offer

VIckie chloe or gaia

friday 15/06/2007

I want to buy kerozinn and estalt any bdy selling both at minimun lvl and please be cheap

Anybdy selling

I give vansaar, marina, phonos, and kerozinn all lvl max for a jackie at any lvl
I should be greatful if you answer by mp thx smiley

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for Kiki Cr and Dj Korr, theses two at 0 XP.
I have in exchange, two lots of three CR:
Rass Cr+Armanda+BeserkGirl Cr all at 0xp
Rass Cr+Armanda+Shawoman all at 0xp

I don't take Kiki Cr or DjKorr not at 0 XP.
MP me if you have the requested cards for the trade, thank you!

I want to buy candy jack or any nightmare for 250 clintz

No RVD-EVO, 10Hotshotras don't sell wee lee... he want too
*translate in french*
Non RVD-EVO, 10Hotshotras ne le vend pas... il en cherche aussi.

thursday 14/06/2007

True I might not get the CR's cheaplly like 3k but I might get a Skullface for 10-13k or whatever. and if not I got lots to trade now.
and I only want Chloe to help complete my collection (and now I got one so I just need the 3 bottoms). If you want a list of my trades, PM me.

I think Timber smiley he has the bonus off add 1 damage to all team cards it helps loadssmiley

I sell you max timber but.... how much ?

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