tuesday 10/10/2006

I"ll giv u maxed Ielena 4 havok!

No you don't need credits, but to activate the function to sell privately you have to buy credits from the shop (that's a way to validate your account and prevent cheating)

Jane Ramba
or any reasonablye priced all stars excluding striker Mikki Katsuhkay

Meu encontrei a 2.000 se kiseres contacta!!

monday 09/10/2006

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I bought lost hog lvl 5 for 3000 clintz!!

Vladimir too

Selling Lino Borsa on level 3 (max)... make a... apropriate offer and ill see how it goes

Yes, but I said you that it's not possible a lower price than 50 clintz. (You said that you want buy a character from 0 to 101)

sunday 08/10/2006

You have to buy credits first.

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Guru has been sold.

Bought already

I'll take Zatman for 4500.

If u run now in the market you can find it for 600...

Please mail me any price or cards wanted or both! smiley

saturday 07/10/2006

By private message only! thanks!

Juicy Lord
Lost Hog
Xia Leming
Wee Lee

Can anyone trade these to me for the lowest price please.

I buy Lost Hog for 1500 clintz.

I have both, but I won't trade it for ratanah.

Only 3,4 and 5

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