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saturday 03/02/2007

I will think over it ok?

Any cards

I need clintz

Hi mega i will buy youre lewis put it on my private sales waiting

How about corallie lvl 4 1200

Tanaereva Lvl 5 selling at 9,500. Please msg me in game and i will make an offer to you in private sale. thanks =)

friday 02/02/2007

2000 didn't need it

Kati sold

Selling coraille for 1200

Buying thecheapest lama and hugo u can give me

Hi ! I buy all ur Gary for 550 ctz per cards... lvl mini smiley

Put them on my private sales...cya !!

Alexei - 750
Bhudd - 300
Terry - 200
Windy Mor - sold
Meyen - 400
Acid DC - 300
Dieter - 680
Ombre - 3200
Jim - 2200

thursday 01/02/2007

Ok an update, I don't have Ombre anymore. I think this is why ppl think I have, if they read it here. Look at the date it was posted. smiley

You just have to buy a code one time and your maket will be open FOREVER smiley

wednesday 31/01/2007

Selling a maxed rosa 10k

I have dan selling for 550

Topic closed (admins please lock subject)
good luck and have fun everybody...
PS: i wonder how it will be about these soleil collectors, now that everybody knows and have achieved tons of them... some of them might be cheaper than when they were in packs LOOL... everyone has at least 10 cards of each smiley) we'll live and we'll see smiley

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