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wednesday 21/03/2007

I'm trying to purchase Lyse Teria; I own a 206 cards and 2 CR's willing to buy or trade for it, as long as it's reasonable and not at the robber baron pricing, if trading expect equal value and careful calculation.


tuesday 20/03/2007

I'll put both in privates sales for 50 and you can put tyler in mine for 50 also, ok?

You sell more cheap of the market or more expensive?

I buy tanaereva for 9000

I selljim full star for 2000

monday 19/03/2007

How much is nahi(C) im willing to pay 900 plzz say yes an pm me plzzz

Ive got beltran give an offer

sunday 18/03/2007

I'm looking to buy a collector for 80 - 90k and a high profile trade such as dragan or Marina or for a lower costing collector such as sigmund or melisa. Looking for cr's usable only in elo, would like to get ARmanda if possible smiley

And maxed Zatman for 6800

saturday 17/03/2007

Hey eveyone i'm buying Lost Hog sellers please PM me don't write in here cause i don't read this that often!!!

Ive sold it for 8000 clintz

friday 16/03/2007

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KV- look price Elya smiley

dont offert?

Thank you to all sellers!!(currenlt have smiley

thursday 15/03/2007

How much i will buy her for 2000

Ill put my scrummxtt in youre private sales waiting for 50 clintz and you put youre xu52 in my private sales waiting for 50 clintz thanks ive put scrummxtt in youre privte sales but please put youre xu52 in mine

Miss twice for 8k

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