wednesday 16/08/2006

I will give u a fully evoved icejim a hegot a gud power u want let me know

How many Clints for your Sigmund?

tuesday 15/08/2006

Just write them down as alist it is easier that way

No. bridget worth higher thAN that. viva la jason, so how about it? ill take those credits

I really want some girl cards

I want probably 100 credits. and ill get u an ashigaru like lv. 3

monday 14/08/2006

Humm yes I just bought Kinjo, so I won't trade it for nothing...

U cant even trade goofy!

!!! LEVEL 4 Wee Lee 4 only 4666 !!! at the market
jeah it s truth buy him

Wat do u want. i have some cards u may need

Give me offers on rare cards on either to sell or trade.

Give me the list of rare cards u would trade.

sunday 13/08/2006

Still Buying:

Mort Bax

Wat lvls r the ones that u r trading?

I wil also sell a lvl 3 (max) vryer for 1000 clinz if u want it

saturday 12/08/2006

I buying natrang from u please?

I got Lost Hog fully evolved, how much do you have for it?

I dont have anymore clints people. i bought cards long time ago. ill let u know when i have more

friday 11/08/2006

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