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sunday 11/03/2007

Sorry no more mort bax

Dont have kenny actually im looking for kenny

saturday 10/03/2007

My kinjo is at lvl 2 as it starts

How about joao for 5500?

I sell

I've got nina vladimir sigmund cr methane and selsya

I can trade fully evolved brutox or a fully evolved meyen

Need level 1 gaia about 28000?

or we can negotiate

friday 09/03/2007

Buying/trading for elya i have kenny lvl1 maxed hugo

Selling Lao Cr for 190 000 :-

thursday 08/03/2007

I can pay 15.000 for it

Trade vansaar for bryan?

Ta xoun pai3ei oloi edw...
Ayto den einai forum ayto einai to kloubi gia tous trelous!!!

wednesday 07/03/2007

Selling bodenpower for 5190 clintz

Buying Alice @ 200

How much for bryan

tuesday 06/03/2007

Sold to 0- Macy NN

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