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saturday 03/03/2007

Iwant lamar 2000 ok

I want lamar 1000 ok smiley

You sell me bodenpower cheap ok smiley

I want bodenpower i want him if you didnt sell bodenpower to me am sadsmiley

friday 02/03/2007

I got maxed chloe for only 34500 clintz hehe=)

Sry but its to alte admin pleae close or delete this subject

I need a perle

Selling chikko for an offer higher then $275.

Sold out

thursday 01/03/2007

Sorry allready got him

I pay it 13500 ctz now in O XP, you can put in my VP, thanks !

Plz place your offer here smiley

Out rebbeca in my private sales

wednesday 28/02/2007

Youll find him unevolved at the market for 4650 Clintz....

Looking for Lao Cr and I am willing to trade the whole all stars group of various lvls..

tuesday 27/02/2007

I can seel flyer with fully levels is levesmileyl 3

Post closed card sold smiley

I have only maeva,bob joby and jim for sale if youre interested PM mesmiley

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