tuesday 08/08/2006

Ok im good now ty.

Trading level 1 Ndololo for Graksmxxt, preferably level 1.

Bow down to me! smiley *jking

Just had to share that though smiley
I looked it up, and it looks like through my friends ive made the site well over 100 dollars smiley YAY

Im happy that my friends are helping to finance the game! smiley
Even though i myself am too poor to finance anything smiley

monday 07/08/2006

How much did you offer for buying a Lost Hog?.....what did u have for trade..?

I need Xu 52.I have 2000clinz.s.o.s thanks

I put 6 different Junkz cards in your private sale.

How much for morphun or ambre?

How much for jane ramba?

I am looking for an ambre. I can trade you a zodiack [level max] and a acid dc [level max] for it.


Otakool, akkiko, malmoth, and dj korr. if any body has these cards, can u sell the cards for a fair price.

sunday 06/08/2006

I will also add some more characters. Anyone?

Are there some on there will sell a ambre lvl.1 to me for 200 plz?

saturday 05/08/2006

Rezzy I have like 15 fifty cards. How many do you want? and what you gonna pay for them or trade?

Willing to give 850 clintz for an estalt of any lvl

I also want your lvl 3 Brandon; lvl 3 Flyer; lvl 4 Mort Bax; lvl 2 Amy; lvl 3 Chad Bread; lvl 2 Igniss; and lvl 3 Noodile.

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Put it in priate sell to me. I'll buy it for 500 clintz.

500 clintz. Put it in private sell to me for 500 clintz if you agree.

Put it in Private sell to me for the 1500 Clintz. I'll buy it.

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