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tuesday 27/02/2007

Charlie is only going for 9500

she is at max

Naw man...it ain't insane...
you probarly forgot that it wil get CR next to the name..

I dont have anny left.....
NO mas....

Looking for Keanew Berserkgirl =5000

As the subject, I want to buy Morphun for 3K or less.
I'll buy from the cheapest seller.

monday 26/02/2007

Who do u have to trade?

Im looking to either sell or trade, Kenny (r) with Chloe (r)
Pls msg me. thanks

sunday 25/02/2007

I will have to pass as it not really any cheaper than the market! thank anyway

I ment i will trade my amy for your jim

Im buying a perle for 8k

saturday 24/02/2007

Baby q and kimberley

Ya do that and i will buy it from you

I want him to how bout baby q maxed and 8900 clintz

Don`t have those cardssmiley

I wont too Alexei do you have give it 320 Ctz

post here or message me

Got a question. There seems to be some cards that are Not available on the Market, like Bryan lvl 1 (R) for example. Does that mean the card is so rare that no one has one for sale??? It'll be great if someone could answer that question.

friday 23/02/2007

Hugo 7500
ambre 4500
aldo 500
bob joby 350
kenny 45000

All of the cards from
qestion 6 and under
are like soo rubish

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