monday 31/07/2017

I have to sell:

- 10 Kinichaw Cr 0xp - 65k/e - 650k
- 5 Noctezuma Cr 0xp - 87k/e - 435k

I want only cash, not trading.
If you're interested, for here or pm.

Selling Seldnor Cr for 350k clintz
write here of pm me

Hello i want your's fast Johnny 1k in my private.

I can trade vs
Artus 3.5k each
Agnés 3k each
And many other cards.

Pm if interested smiley

2 messages

And xrobb are all sold

Currently available crs:
Skullface 0exp
Cassio 0exp
Vickie cr full

sunday 30/07/2017

General Cr is also welcome.

/tête = each

And pm me if you are interested.

For conclude, I can accept other Cr

Market price is 2.1M atm, so 1.85M is already pretty low :/

saturday 29/07/2017


Blaaster Cr full - 320k ea

NB: im looking for a lot of lee long not only one smiley

All done

65 June 0xp - 3.5k each
30 Rockwall 0xp - 15k each

Contact by PM smiley

friday 28/07/2017

I'll do 55 Heartnett smiley which is a 1.1 million Clint value!

125 for 200k? I'm doing this for free hugs!

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