tuesday 21/03/2017

I am buying all
Rattle at 28k
Faiza at 30k
Shaker at 22k
Wilde at 10k

Doesn't matter if they 0xp or full
just send to my ps for that amount as many i will buy.



I'm changing my Vixen 0xp by Greendy and Fastbender.

El divino = 36k
Numar = 44k
Oraya = 25k

If you add another el divino i might considersmiley

monday 20/03/2017

Lookin to trade 2 kenny cr and 1 rex sweig for xantiax robb cr also looking for robb cr if you have pm me

sunday 19/03/2017

My Sum Sam Cr 0xp (2.485.000) clintz in exchange for 4 cards below:

1. Ursula, valued 80.000 clintz
2. Noctezumama, valued 185.000 clintz
3. Ymirah Cr, valued 510.000 clintz
4. Lamar Cr, valued 1.650.000 clintz


Why is that?

saturday 18/03/2017

Now I can close this thread, got lucky and someone bought it from market for 450 k smiley

428 Artus FULL- 2.6k/t
9 Artus 0xp- 2.7k/t

PM me offers (cards)!! I'm selling in lots of minimum 50.


Salut! Tous mes prix sont negotiables. smiley

Tous disasociables

20 Aegis 0xp, 46k/t
2 Gill Cr 0xp, 87k/t
4 Heegrn Cr 0xp, 20k/t

J'ai aussi beaucoup de Artus FULL, MP si vous les voulez.

I was and thank you for your kind words smiley

I have Kerozin Cr Full xp which i value at 1.2 m

Cr Cards I require: (I want only one except Ymirah)
Ombre Cr 450 k
Uchtful Cr 55 k
Kenny Cr 180 k
Robb Cr 180 k
Alec Cr 550 k
Ymirah 530 k
Kalindra 450 k
Lulabee Cr 35 k

Non-Cr Cards
Kolos 80 k
Ongh 100 k
Impera Sloane 100 k
Rex Sweig 100 k

If you buy both ill sell them for 120k each

Trading my Lamar Cr Zero Xp for any other Lamar Cr if you add clintz or a card.
PM me all replies.
Will close this offer in a few days.

Trading my quetzal full or 0 xp for surstorming

Shawoman Cr 0xp - Willing to add on clintz

PM me to price, can accept slightly lower than market

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