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saturday 08/03/2008

I have a level 3 zatman

I will give 2 vickie+ 1 chad bread for an ombre cr..or sumthing else for ombre cr..so pm me

Send me a pm with the list of your cr please smiley

I would like to buy swidz for 10k please!!

Who wants to trade THEIR splata cr for MY tessa cr?

PM me please....

Do u hav a zdrone

Is anybody willing to sell me either their don or petra ? i would like to buy don for around 770 clintz and petra for around 1000 clintz. smiley

Please make sure ur offer are lower then market price smiley smiley

Yep i guess that means i wont get a melissa cr lol.


Anyone selling a zdrone for 500 clintz or something

Mods please close this thread i have gotten a lamar

Minus vickie and baby q
pm for the rest if interested for a fair trade

admins pls close

I am searching for 0 Exp Noodiles, but I will offer my already used Noodile... smiley

Since Noodile can be used at level 2, my Noodile at level 2 only has about 50 extra Exp because it is already used at level 1... smiley I also have a few level 3 Noodile if you'd really like...

Thank you, and PM me if you'd like... smiley

friday 07/03/2008

Any offers?


Note, sjs00 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Need perle or other junks not accepting money i only trade for junks

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