thursday 10/08/2006

I'm looking for any cards at a resonable price, but i really need these following cards:
Lost Hog

Looking for any five star cards that i dont have willpay around 1000 for each ono msg me

A hotshot10ras. bug off. ur gay sorty. lol jk. give him estalt but i need lelena

If your not going to reply man just don't even click on the Message board. You have seriouse people here that want to trade or buy your cards now for about a week now and no answer from you. Quit wasting my time.

I know this is stupid but i really want to know

Ill buy any rare card thats not a leader or sentinel

I want to buy some rare cards except any leaders or sentinels. i have 1800 clints. make your offer and ill buy whoever gives the best deal.

I have 1792 right now

Wat u got?

wednesday 09/08/2006

I have now. 1707 clintz. just make any offer. ill see if i want the card(s) or not.

I highly recommend the 8 Card packs. First off most of the time, you'll make more Clintz just selling the unwanted cards than you would have if you'd bought the clintz, especially if you sell the 5 star. Almost all of them sell for at least 2000.

Secondly the 8 card packs seem to turn up more rares than do the regular packs. I bought 8, and got at least (on average) 1 rare per pack, and a few I got 2 rares. Also the Uncommon ratio seems to be a lot higher on these packs as well.

The downside is that if you're looking for a specific team then you're almost better off buying the 3 card packs, as you're more likely to get that team, and I have gotten rares from those packs, but far less often than I have from the 8 card.

Overall it's a better value as well. If you buy the 3 cards it costs you 60 credits to get 9 cards. With the 8 cards it's 50 credits for.. well 8.

And 5k Clintz won't buy you the same level of cards that you'd get in an 8 card pack. (Nor would it buy you most of the 5 star characters, much less 7 others)

I exchange Mac Hen 3 stars for any gheist or bagners or sentinel character of similar strenght

tuesday 08/08/2006

How do i get a new card..?

I'd like a working credit code and say 20,000 clintz
and i'll give the lao-maxed out.

Ok im good now ty.

Trading level 1 Ndololo for Graksmxxt, preferably level 1.

Bow down to me! smiley *jking

Just had to share that though smiley
I looked it up, and it looks like through my friends ive made the site well over 100 dollars smiley YAY

Im happy that my friends are helping to finance the game! smiley
Even though i myself am too poor to finance anything smiley

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