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saturday 12/01/2008

410 for matthew

Will trade slyde **max** for an equal costing or more costing card just see were it goes from there so please trade with me

friday 11/01/2008

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I got it now, can be closed

Ok Mods I have what I need, please close this thread. Thanks for your offers.

Does anyone have any cards they want to sell?
If so please PM me with your offers and I will consider.

Min bid 2500!!!smiley

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Spamming on the Message Board?

I want to buy these cards so if you have pm me.tnx...

Offer to me the price!!!!!
send to me the price!!!!!
any lvl!!!!

I want a diyo though

I'll pay 10k Clints for someone's Seldnor Cr

thursday 10/01/2008

Looking to buy Ombre Cr for 30,000 clintz. Message me if interested.

What level and how much or what cards looking for

I can buy for 8000 at the market so i offer 7500

I offer a wee lee and 2000 clints

Exchange already made ...please close this!

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