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friday 09/05/2008

Ill buy your 3 star uncommon card for 200 each
i will also buy max gastroboy and max phonos for 350 each

13k plus 6 montana over 3k value

What do you want ??
For Kolos

Again, PM's are appreciated. Thanks.

Really looking for some good Rescue clan. PM for trades/price. I'll work something out with what I have.

I got a privet offer in my mail an he bought it

Got phonos thanks to xfacter
uranus ill see if i can get money quickly
uranus and gastroboy only

Will any one sell me a Bodenpower
for 450clintz

Close this please,ill make a new thred with all my doubles

Please Close this.
No one will give free cards.

Bump =] Hehe

I'll trade my maxxed lulabee to your lulabee,...

thursday 08/05/2008

Zinger, ebay.fr disagrees with you.

Your better off flooding the market with them for 150-200 at a staggered price uppward to minimize your loss as much as possible.

For sale on market

will make a trade for him. List offers....

Nvm...Mods,please close.

Anyone that has Gertrud and wants to trade pls post here or PM me.
I have quite a lot of cards I can trade

Im looking for buck, bree, gabrielle, xu52 and leviatonn, does anyone have any of these?

Well, i guess we have enough candidates so here are the winners:
1) The winner of Yusuke is RamStrife. Congratz!smileysmiley

2) And the winner of Yookie is (_Raiogen_). Congratz!smileysmiley

See you next time!
Mods: Pls close!

Just sell them and youll get it

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