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thursday 26/04/2007

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Now, that's why we ask you to use "customer support" to reach us.
The board is NOT technical support.
Clear your browser cache (shift + reload), in that kind of case.
Closing the thread.

General cr ownes only card that with bonus can do a 12 life ko smiley

wednesday 25/04/2007

smiley Do you have a spare of the following cards:
And how much for each?

Please if you know how to trade, buy, or sell characters please tell me.smiley

tuesday 24/04/2007

The card has been bought and is no longer for sale. Sorry.

I will buy Ambrose for 14.500 ctz
Msg me for more information

Have it already smiley

monday 23/04/2007

I have Lamar. What you offer?

sunday 22/04/2007

I am buying the uncommon card Charlie for 8.000 clintz. Its 2,000 clintz lower than the market price of 10,000. But I do not have 10.000 clintz. So please if you have a Charlie card and want to sell it, sell it to me!

I'm selling a lvl 2 lelena (nightmare rare), make an offer!

Hi, i would like to buy Ombre at 7k (any stars will do). if interested plz add it to my private sale and send me a message. thank

I have:
Kenny (R)(3)
Flesh Pimp (U)(3)

I need(want)
Clara (R)
Gertrud (R)
Tank (U)
Python (R)

If you really want the strongest wolf in teh game, get Armand, hehe! smiley woooof! smiley

Thanks everyone for the replies! Good to know, and I figured it out no problem once I clicked the right link (to current sales).

saturday 21/04/2007

Hi, i have rass cr and i am selling him at the market for 950000, all other offers are more than 1400000

friday 20/04/2007

Nvm everyone just got her

Too bad. You said the price. I was willing to sell her for 45000 clintzsmiley

Lol ur like me i covet my soleil cards! i might not be needing nahi anymore im not sure yet one of my guild members might hook me up.

Well ill give you any of the leaders for a clara

thursday 19/04/2007

I am looking to buy Kenny

I am selling Jim and Phonos both Maxed

I am willing to trade for Kenny or Jim or Phonos

Just post here or drop a mail

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