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wednesday 05/03/2008

You're selling for more than he's going for on the market (hovering around 17k at time of writing). Lower your asking price and someone may take him.

Close this thread please admins thank you
you are all great

I am very interested in buying Glorg or Kenny. The market is just to high right now, but will make a pretty fair deal.

Glorg for around 3-4 thousand

Kenny for around 10-12 thousand.

Just put it up in a private sale or send me a message.

150 each, I will buy all of them

Can I have Ombre
I have Tessa and Lamar

Ill sell u Tessa lev 3 fo 60K

I also have Emeth , Sheitane , Maciej , Hugo all maxed out if you want to trade for any of them

Well since his avg, price is 386 789,,,around 50,000 or B.O.

***************Temporary Offer From Me********************
Fifty - 550 clintz
Bodenpower - 1000 clintz
Laetitia - 450 clintz
Blaaster - 1700 clintz
Saddy - 1700 clintz

Direct private sell to me If u satisfy with my offer !! smiley

Srry, can a mod close of delete this, I sold my Chad Bread

tuesday 04/03/2008

Please close. deal is made

Damn look likes I was totally wrong in my prices smiley

Ill buy Ella for the price u

Wow... how many people are trading Chad Bread for Kenny?
Too many if you ask me smiley
come next week, likely chad bread won't be worth a Kenny.

You can't have less than 8 chars. If you sell him, you will only have 7. Buy one, and you can sell him.

I am lookin to buy Selsya Cr. If anyone could maybe offer me one for 38500K you'd be my best friend forever xD

Do you think you are a godfather?

hw about 2 chad bread?
he will become Cr soon

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