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monday 03/03/2008

I have skullface 0 xp

Why are people even replying to this thread... he started it last year 3rd of november...

You should close this its really old because he posted it when swidz was still Junkz

I wont trade them all for a hugo, but i think the title is pretty self explanatory

Hi, i have splata cr = 40000 and miss twice cr = 25000, maybe u want kerozinn cr = 35000

Buying ambre 4k send me msg

Adding 1000 clintz

Pandaman yes smiley

Close plz. thx

I'm wondering if someone could sell me Tyler for 1000 clintz? xDDD

How much do you want 4 it

sunday 02/03/2008

Close please

@ Tinygerrard12 hom much clintz or what cr card ?

I will pretty much buy any 4 star card which is a rare prices depend on the cardssmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I got Elvira what could sell to you smiley
Please pm with offers.
I prefer trading.

Ooo I want a cr.

Close please no one wants them

Mods, he asked for this to be closed 5 posts ago.............

I no he is allspo ballyhoo

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