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sunday 07/01/2007

Will trade high cards u say the card name ill see if i have it

Value on the Market (min/avg/max)
At level 3: 12999 Clintz / 15417 Clintz / 19500 Clintz
At level 4: 14900 Clintz / 14950 Clintz / 15000 Clintz
At level 5: 16000 Clintz / 18599 Clintz / 23500 Clintz

Please i wonna buy striker for 300 clintz i really wanna get him@nser

I would like to buy or trade for vickie, give me your offers

Buying amy,josh,william,havok
post prices

I have one. personal message me

Look into my post, "Jericho78's Store" for some cards I'm letting go....

saturday 06/01/2007

I give oyu Brutox for only 500clintz

Update: Deals off.

Its cheap on the market

Nina bought guys check average price of a card then take 25% out of the price....then thats my price

friday 05/01/2007

smiley5k, take it or leave it, smiley

Hey. i give u Havok lvl 3 for 15000 clitz smileysmiley

Already sold (and put back on the marked for more than 20K).......damn i should asked a higher price.

wednesday 03/01/2007

Bodenpower Selled for jgato

Selling syd nose.if u want send me a PM message and i will anwser you.price 600 Syd Nose-lvl max

Common.Hoo has Wee Lee for Sale or for Trade plsss anwser smiley

What's the Price for Dorian ?

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