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wednesday 17/01/2018

TRADE COMPLETED ---- Thank you Shuti !! smiley

Ok auction closed!!!
I will keep the cards!!!

But im doing this for zhonian xD

He is a exclusive card!!
And their ratio of going cr is high!!!


for auction i have:

60 X Hercules mix xp

-Duration is 20m 59 sec from the time of post.

- starting bid 1m(looking for cash to shake market)

-looking for:-
Butcher Braxton(550k estimated)

Go smiley

Ill do another auction in 20 mins or so, just got to pop out to the shop for some creme eggs

UPDATE:Instead of 1.3 M the complementary sum is now 1.2M

Oops in english as well

i sell/trade 103 Tsubame 0xp - 350K/T

i want
DJ Korr Cr 0xp/fullxp - 23M/ 22M
#Lyse Teria Cr 0xp/full xp- 22M/21M
Guru Cr 0xp/fullxp - 21M/20M
Kiki Cr 0xp/fullxp - 20M/19M
#General Cr 0xp/fullxp - 16,5M/15,5M
Serafina 0xp - 700K/T
#Behemoth 0xp - 700K/T
Lamar Cr 0xp/fullxp - 5M/4.5M
Marlysa Cr 0xp/fullxp - 4,5M/4M
Newell 0xp - 240K/T
Judge Lynch 0xp - 260K/T
and other cr's 0xp full xp ask me smiley

Thank You

I want to trade my A Award CR 0xp + 2 Ongh Cr 0xp for your Tanaereva Cr any exp

PM me

Hahaha I know!!!

Hey not a bad deal at all. Seems fair.smiley

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