thursday 12/10/2017

Looking to buy Guru cr and Kiki Cr
i am willing to pay in full cash if you make me a good enough offer

Selling Dj Korps 0XP x72, looking for 3M6 for the lot. Would consider trades for bigger CR's. Feel free to PM me.

Melissa cr +500k clintz for him pm me

Dr copernica cr (riots) + 10k clintz for marco cr(rescue)smiley

You need to name the price you buy the cards for and estimate the value of the cards you sell.

I meant instead of clintz (120k) id add shann cr + oon cr (200k)

Thank you for participating. Next time, I might do more. Also, thank you to UltimateTop7415 for asking a good question about payments. I'm gonna include it in next auction.

Next time, maybe I'll make an auction with more cards and... I might change rules on raising. If you feel Raise 500 doesn't stop your opponents, I might increase more!

Until next time!

Current Market Value of Serafina - 450,000

I offer:
Kolos Cr x2 - 280,000 Total
Greem Cr - 75,000
Phonos Cr - 50,000
+50,000 Clintz

Respond via PM

wednesday 11/10/2017

Yes, 0 xp.

He is around 390K in the market right now.

Looking for in specific Kiki (11m) and Lyse (9m) but also will accept general (8.5m) and Dj korr (10m) take your pick from what I have to offer.

I have to offer
Lao 0xp 2.1m
Rass 0xp 2.1m
Armanda 0xp 3.1m
Sum sam 0 xp 2.8m
Marlysa 0xp 2m
Splata 0xp 1.7m
Ndololo 0xp 2.1m
6 Jackie cr 600k each
6 tanaereva 650k each =23m in all

Only looking for Alec MT and Cannibal Jo Cr

Thats it yea..
just send the card or cards-

i pay you 20.000 everytime smiley


tuesday 10/10/2017

No more search kinichaw cr ! smiley
i still buy

mona cr 0 xp/full : 190k/180k
spyke cr 0 xp / full : 97k/90k
Sigma Cr 0 xp/ful : 70k/66k
copper cr 0 xp / full : 195k/180k


They are 170k now smiley

Hello, i offer for cannibal Jo cr:
Dounia cr 0xp + 1.7m cash
Or 2x Dounia cr 0xp + 1.1m cash
Or 3x Dounia cr 0xp + 500k cash.

Ok, so I'm willing to trade some of the stuff I have to get the cards I'm looking for, hereuthe list of my cards:
-Tengo disponibles las siguientes cartas:
1 Marina Cr, 0 exp
1 Robb Cr, 0 exp
1 Blaaster Cr, full
2 Dixie, 0 exp
2 Randal, 0 exp
3 Bogdan, 0 exp
3 Rhyno, 0 exp
2 Friskah, 0 exp
2 Ruru, 0 exp
1 Tormentah, 0 exp
1 Ymirah Cr, 0 exp
1 Miss twice Cr, 0 exp
1 Toro Cr, 0 exp
2 Kinichaw Cr, 0 exp
2 Ongh Cr, 0 exp
2 Blink, 0 exp
5 Qubik, 0 exp
1 Emeth, Cr 0 exp
1 Jane Ramba, Cr 0 exp
2 Dragomir, 0 exp
1 Dhalia Cr, 0 exp
3 Yayoi Cr, 0 exp
3 Rattle, 0 exp
4 Zaria, 0 exp
2 Markus, 0 exp
1 Ratanah Mt, full
5 Graksmxxt Cr, 0 exp
3 Copper Cr, 0 exp
1 Dounia Cr, full
1 Eddie Cr, 0 exp
1 Streex, 0 exp
2 Wooly, 0 exp
1 Jackie Cr, full
3 Rahi Sledon, 0 exp
3 X-0DUS, 0 exp
-Busco estas, sin importar si son full o 0 exp.
1 Fisty Cent
1 Oriold
1 Marshal
1 Marlysa Cr
1 Kreen Cr
1 Chikko Cr
1 Page Cr
1 Chad Bread Cr

I don't care if the cards are at 0 exp or full, because the prices are going to be checked at the moment of the transaction directly from the market.
Good game to y'all.


monday 09/10/2017

Schatzi price in the market = ~630k
Surstorming = ~50k
clintz = 5k
Total = 685k


Dakota = ~195k
Judge Lynch = ~235k
Marshal = ~255k
Total = 685k

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