monday 21/08/2017

Prices gone up, I'll pay more to reflect that.

Hi! I wanna sell few Mr Big Duke
Pm me with your offers, cards are 0 xp and full xp

All sold out. See you next time.

sunday 20/08/2017

I should've mentioned it earlier but, all my cards are full xp.
Aaand I'm adding Toro Cr (full xp) to the offer

I am buying your Azel 0exp 9k/each

[SELL/TRADE] Lao Cr 0xp

Any offer (clintz and/or big lots of cards (10k+) and/or indivudual cards (25k+)


Sorry, I retire my offer.
I've already made a trading for him.
My apologies.

How much is kenny mt?

I'm looking for Liona 0xp's! smiley

saturday 19/08/2017

Ok thread is closed!
seems that nobody is interested....


Sure, freedom of everything.

Bit, plz, you understand that for many players that count clintz a card with a value of 40000 sold at 140000 is a pain in the *ss. Just because some lame dude has no point in life. I mean I would understand it if they left some air behind them. Unfortunately, there's only stink)))

I am selling 100 liona 0exp 17999/each.
The bulk is inseparable smiley

Hi if you have any lots for example 10 fisty cent and you don't really want to wait for all to sell in a week or even more sell it to me ! smiley
Minor discount of course and I will take it off of your hands. I am interested in any and every card that may be interesting l I guess mainly fisty cent ethane stuff like that

Message me if you're interested everyone smileysmiley

Hi, 100 Meg 0xp 4,5K each. In private sales

friday 18/08/2017

Hey folks, I've got a vickie cr and I'm looking for a lamar cr. I value Lamar cr at 1.6million clintz. Here's my offer:

Vickie cr (1.15m)
Diyo cr 0xp (175k)
Kent x30 (4400 each - 132k)
Dr Alma x10 (8300 each - 83k)
Mokra x1 (45k)
El Divino (32k)
10k clintz
Total: 1.615m

I hope you consider this proposition fair, please PM me if you wish to discuss - thanks!

I trade Berserkergirl Cr 0xp. I`m searching 40 Uranus 0xp.
Private Sales
Thanks smiley

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