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tuesday 16/01/2018

I'll just send you both C0re

I add my 150k cash to my offer if u want

monday 15/01/2018

You are looking a card that is going to go out of NB pack, that is the problem xD

34k/each, the price may increase if there are many Ruru in your offer, if it's the case pm me

Also i can sell them for 5.9M cash clintz.If youd like to save the trouble of buying a few cards from the market.

Even trade the prices are very close could be more or less either way. Alternatively if you have a dakota or judge lynch I will do the same for either of them.

Note: Edited that to a working hyperlink.

X-0DUS is spelled with the number 0.

However a trade requires you to mention which cards you are willing to offer with market estimates in exchange for #Dregn and X-0DUS

Hi! i wanna trade my 42 antoinette 0xp et full 70k/t (dissociable)
i search

Maana Cercei 600k (illimite)
Marshal 530k (illimite)
Judge Lynch 200k (illimite)
Quetzal 700k (illimite)
Splata cr 3M

PM me smiley

Send butcher

And I just make 180k smiley

My Blaaster Cr 750K
and #Robb cr 590K
For #Maana cercei 580K
and #Quetzal 700K

You want braxton? I have one bro. Reply if you're interested. smiley


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