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tuesday 02/01/2018

Also, both at full XP.

I appreciate the offer nuclearaleksa but i will have to pass haha

monday 01/01/2018

I offer you 4 Newell 0xp for your 2 Serafina 0xp.
PM if ok please.

So you are looking only for him´?

I've got 2.5 M's. What can you offer?

Just sold him in private sales

Hello everyone I'm thinking about trading my full xp Dj Korr with other big fives.Anyone interested can pm me smiley

Hi, Im gonna close this; if you have Serafina you can pm me cri smiley

I have Lyse teria 0xp. I want to trade her for guru Cr or DJ Korr Cr + compliments.

Pls pm your offer smiley

How much you value a #general cr full xp?

Up! i can also accept valuable crs

I add for all good trade 10k clint with cards

24k xD

Estimation for: cannibal jo cr 0xp melissa cr full nahi cr 0xp jim cr 0xp, 4 striker cr full, toro cr full, nemo cr 0xp ?

Finally made some profitsmiley

Hello !

Happy new year 2018 to everyone, I wish you joy and success in your life, as well as the game ... and I wish you especially to acquire my Kiki Cr !

I propose a Kiki Cr full xp, I'm looking in exchange for Manon Mt and Scarlett Mt (whatever the xp).
Given the prices I think it's worth, but I'm open to reasonable negotiations ! smiley

Closed thread. All are gone.

I am looking for :
Tanaereva Cr 0 xp
Spyke Cr 0 xp

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