friday 06/10/2017

Je sell/exchange my 2817 tekumman (2220 0 xp) for 11k/T (lot nondisociable

I want
Big 5
Ex Dj korr/ guru full 10M800k
Ex marlysa cr 0 xp 1M 900
vickie cr 0 xp 1M250k
jackie cr 0 xp 550k
accept card rare
dregn 100k
impera sloane 85k
charlie 85k 

Accept lots not superior 50 copies

i considered autre proposted

Mi Ndololo Cr is 0xp (2,2M)
I want:

Judge Lyn
Lara Hate

Sold to Cthulhu for 10750! Thank you for participating and goodbye!

I buy Marlysa Cr for 1.8M. Thanks.

Send me a card for 50k. 50k should be enough to build a budget DT deck or something id think>?

play DT and you should start making clintz

10 nexus 0exp (40k/u) available twice

thursday 05/10/2017

21 Hawk 0exp (70k/t)
35 nexus 0exp (45k/t)

Yep, 120k for Ursula. PM me for negotiations
smiley .

wednesday 04/10/2017

Please place values on Lyse and Kiki so we know how much extra is needed

For the option 4 and 5
4 i will add 250k
5 i will add 150k

Play more to earn more clintz. I can sell to you 200k if market price stays

Ok I don't need it anymore. Already buy it.

Tbqhwy imo you have bigger problems if you think the game in it's current state will hold new players but I don't wanna hijack this thread

Need more!

Still selling/trading!

looking for Gus rope 0xp guys!

tuesday 03/10/2017

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