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sunday 14/01/2018

saturday 13/01/2018

Drop this guy some newell for some fresh doritos from yours trult smiley

Contact me pm

Down to 300k, don't really want to drop him any lower though smileysmiley

Selling morphum 0 exp for 30k

The cards have transfered ending the topic.

Arcanto UK Won the Auction gg.

Sell/trade 1x Dounia Mt 0xp
Estimate her at 1.850.000 Clintz (negiotable)

Looking for:
Arno 0xp (75k)
Shinobi 0xp (175k)
Elvira 0xp (28k)

PM for faster response and feel free to make other offers too... Maybe I like one

I can add Behemoth

Viper it's done already

Up. Open to any deal

Can add more clintz

Tanaereva Cr full xp for Ymirah any xp +75 k
Pm me.

Hey guys, i'm looking for 30 Sting 0xp i value her 4,5k

i have an offer too here..
10x Sting 0xp = 1 Ginnifer 1 #anakrhom both 0xp
20x Sting 0xp = 1 Bengal 0x 1 Pedro 0xp 1 Lin Xia *4
30 Sting 0xp = 1 Edd Cr full xp + 1 ginnifer 0xp

if u just wanna sell them ill still put Ginnifer as a compliment..

happy gaming.. smiley

If this is meant to be an auction, it doesn't follow any auction rules. If this is a trade then you need to specify how much you value behemoth and what cards you would like in return.

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