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tuesday 12/12/2017

It's over the ymirah and Ector stay and cj goes smiley

Is there anyone willing to sell cannibal joe for 4.5mill ?

Done, thanks

Need 3 more. This offer will end in 3h 50 mins

1x Kolos Cr 3* (SOLD)
1x Slyde Cr 2* (SOLD)
1x Slyde Cr Full XP (SOLD)
1x Drakorah Cr 4* (SOLD)
1x Drakorah Cr Full XP (SOLD)

Selling Full XP Lyse Cr 19M
Willing to negotiate. Thank you.

monday 11/12/2017

You may have posted at the same time but it shows that - Lucifer - is the one who has posted first maybe for a millisecond but it still counts. Therefore, I have concluded that - Lucifer - wins.

Topic closed. Cards sent smiley
Well Done - Lucifer_ smiley

32 minutes last

It's for "bumping" the post to the top of the forum posts.

Useful when the forum is very active and things get burried. We don't encourage spam bumping, but the occasional one is acceptable.


I search 1 #cannibal jo cr 0xp estimated 5.8M
I offer
8 #Maana cercei 0xp (5,6M)
Rowdy Cr 0xp (200K)


Do you estimate Tormentah 0xp?

No thanks

Dolly Cr no longer for sale

Tks dude, sent to ps.. smiley

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