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tuesday 31/10/2006

Lol your despreat dont you have some other cards.

Buying a lvl one yayoi for a maxed last hog

monday 30/10/2006

I have a melissa for 44000 Clintz

And I am sure that Ambrose worth lelena.
lmao, stop scamming people.

sunday 29/10/2006

Offer me and im selling a Mc Decay max lvl

A little heads up you cant trade.

I will trade wee lee maxed for her with 407 clints

What do you have pm me...

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Who has a Kiki for me.

send a message in privat not here...

Vicki... Anyone got a price???

Its the last card i need before i start on the collectors

saturday 28/10/2006

U cant even trade

I have one "Bridget - Level 5". I'm waiting for decent offers (card change or clintz)smiley

1600 on lost hog. ANYONE?

Ill trade u a maxed last hog if u want?

Akiko has 2:5 and she is 2300

Hey, Darimor, I can sell you Zdrone max lvl for 2000

friday 27/10/2006

Anyone want to sell Mojo for 700 Clintz please message me

General Cr, if anyone has it.

I'm looking for
Scarlett Cr
Lyse Teria Cr
Shawoman Cr
Guru Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Kiki Cr
Amanda Cr
Berserkergirl Cr (did i spell it right?)
Manon Cr

i've got 129000 clintz at disposal a spare graksmxxT...please sell me one of these collectors for this price..

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