friday 24/04/2009

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Well we need some more high players to help our smaller guys out and to help attract new blood, we'd love to have you here. lately the boards abit slow, but i've installed a few new rules to counter balance this fact

join the guild:483147 and you'll be helping alot of players out just by having experience in the field.

We're a respectable guild.

We don't diss other guilds. *cough**cough* (hope you understand that)

Americas top growing guild (# is recruiting members who play ELO and are LVL 30 or higher.
NO EXCEPTIONS!! Your ELO score must be 1200 or higher at the time of guild request. Your
application will be reviewed and accepted upon my brief review.

Also accepting EVO players.


This is a guild 4 any1 to join. you just need to have fun and stay active as much as ur schedule allows u.

this is the link:

Its a good guild for level 40+ people to join!

Oh yeah safe mate thanks

Hey all you people. if you are looking for a guild with lots of people and want to have good friends then join blades 'n' knives. the good thing about this guild is that you only have to be lvl 5 + to join. so apply when ever. we are allways happy to have more members.

thursday 23/04/2009

Van Halen God, please add a link to your guild smiley

Try to include the link in your threads. smiley

the guild link --> Aussie Legends

Mods please close so we can create an updated one.. we're now only accpting lvl25+


wednesday 22/04/2009


Thats the link to the guild.
you need to be a determid player and play the game often.

(prefer dutch, but it aint a must.)

tuesday 21/04/2009

Guild:345236 heres the link

Join 3l0 M@$t3r
We speak romanian and english in forums the best romanian guild and we organize alot`s of intern event`ssmiley

Join guild:517716 we are an active guildsmiley

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