monday 02/10/2017

17x Kenny Mt for DJ Korr Cr or Guru Cr
34x Kenny Mt for both

sunday 01/10/2017

Estime of Nocte 0xp?

Wanting to buy as many 0xp Dorian as possible 35k each. Put them in my PS

I'll rochambeau you for them. smiley

I buy Toro 0xp for 85k (max 200)
Spyke 0xp for 80k (max 150)

saturday 30/09/2017

My 1 Xantiax Robb Cr for your 4 Marshal

What are you on about?
Market price for Cletus is 10k

friday 29/09/2017

I buy all gil 0xP for 130k in vp smiley

i have 10m cash for buy

Oops Typo. I meant complement but you can keep complimenting still = D

Oh sorry, i was about to close it.

all cards have been sold

Can also accept 10m cash sale or lots of ghostown catds. Also open to other reasonable offers

Wanting to buy an Armanda Cr for 3m cash perfebly 0xp cheers

thursday 28/09/2017

Last 100 nekron

Thanks for buying, man. You made my day smiley

Usually, whenever I open a chest for a collector, I would rather sell it away.

So, as you can see the title, I'm gonna sell it, for a price cheaper than the market. (That's what I do everytime I wanted to sell)

In market: 100k
My price: 90k(can be lower, much lower than this)

Interested? Post it here. Don't send PM.

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