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tuesday 28/11/2017

Still buying 11.5m all in clintz.

monday 27/11/2017

I'll do 170 for Jackie and mona.

Judge Lynch 200k send me the offer

Wait and you will see!!!

Sold t/c i have one more

Deal over!!!
See you guys with other cards!!;

Guys last one on it's way stay tune!!!!

Next is oon cr!!! On special demand!!!


#lizbeth Cr (1 copy) for auction starting at 50 Clintz ending time is 30 min from the post time.

I will value cards around the lowest on the market and reserve the right to limit the quantity I can accept of each card.

I accept:


Guru cr full x Lyse Teria Cr full, of youre agree send me the card. Thanks

When will I get swidz cr 0xp in my PS for 600k??

Because this card have a tendency to go cr, haha.

Yea guys Ultimate has won this auction with a bid of 1650 per character
auction is now closed smiley

sunday 26/11/2017

Hi, i buy all vryer 0 xp for 5.500 each smiley

exchanges for collectors and rare cards possible, in private smiley

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