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saturday 13/01/2018

Viper it's done already

Up. Open to any deal

Can add more clintz

Tanaereva Cr full xp for Ymirah any xp +75 k
Pm me.

Hey guys, i'm looking for 30 Sting 0xp i value her 4,5k

i have an offer too here..
10x Sting 0xp = 1 Ginnifer 1 #anakrhom both 0xp
20x Sting 0xp = 1 Bengal 0x 1 Pedro 0xp 1 Lin Xia *4
30 Sting 0xp = 1 Edd Cr full xp + 1 ginnifer 0xp

if u just wanna sell them ill still put Ginnifer as a compliment..

happy gaming.. smiley

If this is meant to be an auction, it doesn't follow any auction rules. If this is a trade then you need to specify how much you value behemoth and what cards you would like in return.

Sending you cards

Yep lol, I had some kind of bug. Anyway smiley

1 #cortez gone
Mona Cr gone

no longer need #Maana cercei

Hello everybody!

As the title says, i sell Kerozinn Cr and Jim Cr which I value 2,100,000 clintz and 1, 500,000, respectively;I'm also searching for Xantiax Robb, which I value around 2,500,000.. Negotiations via mp. I'm waiting for your offers!

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