wednesday 30/08/2017

I can pay 700k for him (in clintz)

What you have for trade? What do you value Rage and Rex at?

tuesday 29/08/2017

I got one Globb... its worth way more than 2M but im willing to trade!

My Globb for ur Elya?

Ymirah cr 0xp + 20k cash

Thank you bro. You really freed me from the curse.smiley
Closing thread.

Just thought that I would offer it up to any collectors that want an old 0xp card before I level it up.

Offering: 0xp Lost Hog Cr
Looking for: Full xp Lost Hog Cr + about 8k

The 8k comp can be either clintz or cards, it doesn't really matter to me.

Additionally, if someone without a full Lost Hog Cr is interested, I'd also be willing to sell mine for 29k so that I can buy a full off of the market.

Please PM me with any offers. Thanks!

No one ?

i can give 10 xantiax robb cr 0xp smiley

Hi Kerozinn Cr Vickie Cr on the market are the same for this post? If you do, you should remove it to make sure everything goes well! smiley

Good lucksmiley

I trade my shawoman 0xp (1,65M) with alec Mt (1M) + cr playeble (i prefer shann cr 51k, noctezuma 80k or kolos 110k).

This is not working for me. I`ll rewrite my offer.

Linda 0xp 7700
Shizawa 0xp 10500

For Fischernany xp
Came back to this game after like alot of year . Socorrect me if theres any mistake

I can reduce it to 460K value of cards.

monday 28/08/2017

I want clintz, Vickie Cr, Kalindra Cr

1000 Clara 0xp : 10k/t soit 10,000k.
450 B Bazooka 0xp : 5,5k/t soit 2475k.
300 Ruru 0xp : 18k/t soit 5400k.
250 Shogunn 0xp : 14k/t soit 3500k.
200 Graff 0xp : 10k/t soit 2000k.
100 Oxana 0xp : 2k/t soit 200k.
50 Haaken 0xp : 4k/t soit 200k.
50 Greesh 0xp : 0,8k/t soit 40k.
20 Pandagran 0xp : 4k/t soit 80k.
20 Desmond 0xp : 4k/t soit 80k.
15 Guillotinette 0xp : 0,5k/t soit 7,5k.
10 Hoffman 0xp : 5,3k/t soit 53k.
10 Fairbanks 0xp : 71k/t soit 710k.
10 Leviatonn 0xp : 33k/t soit 330k.

Most of them are sold.
Check my sales for update.

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