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sunday 17/09/2006

I'll trade my Striker for Cooper. Let me know soon.

Cancel my messages about gary, no I don't have 35000 friggin clintz elderly, way overpriced by the way, lower the price if u expect to sell it!

saturday 16/09/2006

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Wait monday the price will drop at 100-150 clints on the market


I wanna buy your Yayoi. How much you ask for it?

I'll give 7000c plus havok and Estalt

Does anyone wanna my hugo, ill sell it for 1500 clintz

friday 15/09/2006

Hello, i'm frensh but i visit this forum to know if people have Collectors to trade! Answer me by private message! I search DJ KOR, Kiki, armanda, guru, scarlett, manon, shawoman, berserkgirl and Rass, thanks! smiley

You git another ill trade

Any cards please!!! sell to me ive just started, some members from junz?

thursday 14/09/2006

I take it!!!put it in my private!!

Hi, I would like to buy Striker from the All Stars for 3910 clintz, it's all i've got..

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I'm from indonesia 'n there's no option for me to buy credit whew!!! hikz....

Same to me i'm from indonesia 'n i can't use paypal or CC..someone want to trade card for credit???

wednesday 13/09/2006

Make your offer plz

Ppl how do we trade cards?

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