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sunday 26/04/2009

I’d like to invite you to check out the guild I’m in called White Lightning. It is an active guild with friendly players (though during our tournaments anything goes ;P)
This isn’t one of those guilds that has you transferring to other guilds (even though they are ran by the same people) every 10 levels. WL is just one guild with a growing community of players who like to have a good time on the msg board while building up their decks for battle.
Also, right now we are having a rare give away that you would qualify for.
If WL sounds like the type of guild you want to be apart of, feel free to PM any questions.

Close this please smiley

As an admin in ths guild it will be your responsibility to teach the noobies and instruct them on how to become better players; so sign up if you want help make so the next great players of our time


Looking for Guild Members From UK or US


Hello, not envy to make a big discour, I am going to make in brief, but effective:

guild:521810 recruits quite in daytime ELO with a value of at least 1320. This is made only for this simple day. Thus player, player, rejoingnez our row(rank)! Only, you are hardly, in our side, you will be powerful!

Thank you for your attention, a MP to myself before of entered please.

Hey Vamp. Hello Chuckles That's cool. how would like to join Organized Konfusion? we could use some good men and women. We have lots of real good active posts on our msg board and quite a bit of sales going on in our guild that are going for under market value. You would be a very welcome addition


Lakers are gonna choke to the Cavs

Thats all i wanna say

Good Night!!

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So people like me lvl 28 wont be allowed

saturday 25/04/2009


Conquest is currently recruiting anyone who would like to join.

Conquest is recruiting anyone at the moment just apply.

Didnt accept me

Just apply and i will accept, please be as active as possible though thats all i ask. its called British marauders

Any of level 25s can join but i will let you join if you are near to 25

Join Demons of Heaven please.We need some members it was just created.We also may do some card giveaways.

Well I'm fairly new to this game as well and and have made a new guild called (`'•.¸*Bite The Dust*¸.•'´smiley. Looking for some ppl to join, so do as you please. Good luck finding your new guild. smiley

Lock this now or delate and yes... i was the starter of Middle class

Close this Mark found their guild smiley

friday 24/04/2009

Ahhh Raiden....you join then leave join then leave......good luck

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