friday 08/09/2017

Oh it changed recently?
that makes sense then smiley ive been out of the game for about 4 months so i missed some stuff

thursday 07/09/2017

All done Thanks Zi0n-Dzeiri

Sorry, already sold X Robb some time ago. Thats why the list wasn't updated

I am looking for an Emeth Cr 0xp 180k
if you're interested pm me

Offer still available . I have 2 serfina 0xp

I want to trade my General cr + 1.5m cash for Guru cr

I can trade General + 1.5m for Guru

Already get one, thx

OK, I want for 7M, send me


• Guru Cr Level 1 - sold to hobodobo - 50 Clintz. (Private)
• Kiki Cr Level 5 - bought from hobodobo - 50 Clintz. (Private)

wednesday 06/09/2017

Bump anyone up for the trade smiley

For cheap cards, such as this it really is just easier to sell them on the market.

I would buy a LaFleur for 18k, I know this is about 6k down on the current cheapest one, but I really only have a few clintz over 18k so that is all I can offer. Anyone selling?

tuesday 05/09/2017

Just tired Queen smiley and i think that one of my favorite singers smiley

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