monday 23/10/2017

Up all offers negotiatable

No i have multiple behemoth


my Splata cr 0xp valued at 2.1m

jackie 0xp (750k)
ymirah 0xp (1.4)
clintz other crs 0xp

sunday 22/10/2017

Close : D

Title ^ private sale me Marshal 190k smiley

I think he is just trolling smiley

Got some dough to spend on this in my opinion severely undervalued card

WTB many copies of Playable cr worth over 200k, message me to talk about a deal thanks

Looking to buy Lots at a Good price, pm me to negoitiate

Hi, I want to buy a kiki Cr / Guru Cr for 8.8 M + a 0xp Aldebaran Cr.
Pm if interested smiley

saturday 21/10/2017

I’ll put the cards on vp

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