tuesday 19/09/2017

traded with 0_SuperDes

Hi, i want to sell:

5 hawk 0exp -> 50k/cad
6 shakra 0exp -> 75k/cad

by ps, thx smiley

Wow if only I have 90k clintz.

Just new here.

Straight trade who wants?


mainly looking for clintz

Guru is no longer for sale/trade, holding onto him. Sorry to those who made offers just can't part with him anymore smiley

monday 18/09/2017

My marshal 0xp + 10 k

Your Dakota 0xp

Thanks for the offer

C dusk 27k
Dashra 9k + Ahseya 11k + 7k ?

Hi! I wanna trade my kalindra cr 0xp valuated 319k for One Kenny mt valuated 300k + 19k extra cash...

See ya

sunday 17/09/2017

I want to trade my dakota(350.000k) for your marshall (200.000k) plus 150.000k in clintz or other valuable cards.

Sold smiley , still looking for a serafine though , i can pay 250k clintz + karl

Tempting.. LOL

7 Dorian full (30K)

For Lara Hate (210K)

2 Dorian Full

for ARN 2000

3 Dorian Full

for Maa-IA

1 Dorian Full

for Hermosa

Yep, I truly know he's nice and this is a really generous and useful deed there... Kind people 'should' be people who want to get attention, but hell no, please, they're just kind people, come on, don't bash them smiley

saturday 16/09/2017

Looking for Emeth Marco Schatzi Slyth Trading Serafina and Dakota

Hello havent played this game in over 3 years, came back and had these as CR cards
Looking for kenny or jackie offer anything that you think is good.

Thanks for looking

390k Full XP
425k Oxp

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