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saturday 16/12/2006

Sellin or tradin a vermyn n , lookin for a lost hog, any offers write here or private message me thx everybody

Is there any really kind player who could sell me Gertrud for 5000Ctz?
it's nearly Christmas smiley
I could also trade some cards eventually

Many thanks!

Oonga, lowest na nakita ko since i have been playing is 3000, but i just wanted to know in the market if it can get any lower... smiley

Sold Malmoth at 1400. Thanks.


friday 15/12/2006

Thread is closed....thanks everybody...

Hey that was the price I was hoping to get, I wouldn't lowering it if you can't afford that. Hmm, so you're down to 28 eh? NO WAY you're getting both for 28 hahaha.......just let me know if you still want them.


thursday 14/12/2006

I got two lewises or lewis's or you know.. in my pack so anyone want to trade with me for another card?

Already got a Venus! thanks for the offers anyway!

500 for Dieter

300 for Cell

wednesday 13/12/2006

tuesday 12/12/2006

Hobo, and fried... no...thats not even negociatable, now, shin, depends on what you're looking for

I will also trade cards i need a few more

Topic closed. i got it. thanx bs-jamax evo smiley

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I will buy lelena from you if you what ???

monday 11/12/2006

I have all of them sell for 15000

Shinn, please learn to read
first: "please no secondary trading" this means don't sell/trade to anyone but me on this thread
second: "This thread has ended" self explanitory
third: "trades will be based off of power/damage rating" Nanook is an extremely rare and expensive card, Meyen and Samantha are good, but extremely common

If you don't understand this, figure out life, because now, you're not doing too well

YES THIS THREAD IS STILL CLOSED, admins do me a favor, and lock it

No one wants them? ok, they are on the market.

I'll trade Marlysa (R) and burtox full max and 1000 clintz
for Vickie (R) -I have olso Morlha olso full max and syd nose 2 stars you chose

Arkadaslar markete kart satmayi bilmiyorum, bana yardim edebilecek biri var mi? Simdiden cok tesekkurler


suicidal asked if you had a lost hog to give to him

he never asked who is a jackass

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