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saturday 04/11/2006

Sell me sai san for 500 clintz ok?

Kaip galiu gayt tas kortas as tau uz abi duociau 2 striker ir viena yookie ok?

buying macumba in any level u want only 3600 clintz

friday 03/11/2006

I have got the following cards for sale or trade

Razor (C) lvl 3
Zlatar (C) lvl 2
Maeva (C) lvl 2

Message me if interested


thursday 02/11/2006

She is already sold thanks

I'm looking for some cards

Lolll but he is rightsmiley you can't sell for now

wednesday 01/11/2006

A Scarlett Cr or a Manon Cr

please send me a price..

any other of the collectors will also be fine but those to especially..

For tradrick17: go in menu to the shop, choose in the left-down corner your country, and then TEXT MESSAGE. it reads "70 credits by SMS" it will cost you 4 or 5 bucks and you just need to send the message and receive the password. if u do it, you have my word i'll give you for 50 clintz each 2 of those cards. or even three maybe smiley

my yahoo messenger ID is nivroth, add me there.

tuesday 31/10/2006

Note, Rogueknight cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Lol your despreat dont you have some other cards.

Buying a lvl one yayoi for a maxed last hog

monday 30/10/2006

I have a melissa for 44000 Clintz

And I am sure that Ambrose worth lelena.
lmao, stop scamming people.

sunday 29/10/2006

Offer me and im selling a Mc Decay max lvl

A little heads up you cant trade.

I will trade wee lee maxed for her with 407 clints

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